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Fashion with animal prints

Animal print has always garnered attention and has been in fashion for a long time. It displays sophistication, style and versatility. Noticeably, this trend does not seem to fade and is still ruling the fashion world and other sectors. Animal prints are the rage of this season and finds its way in party wears, coats, skirts, handbags, lingerie, watches, accessories and even in home furnishing textiles.

Animal print clothing are garments which have patterns of the skin or fur of animals like leopard, cheetah, zebra, tiger, Giraffe, Striped Hyena, African wild dog or monkey. Animal prints have remained popular since ancient times and there are many reasons for it.

Firstly, it was expensive and considered extraordinary. If one goes back to the history, kings and higher class people have used rugs made from animal skin. They have displayed animal skin or animal head as medals, which is a symbol of royalty and high status. Coats made from unusual African fur were worn by members of royal families and elite class of people during olden times.

In the past few decades, celebrities and fashion designers have played a major role in bringing animal print into mainstream fashion. This evergreen trend is loved by all and the apparel market is flooded with variety of animal prints. Bengal tiger stripes and black and white Dalmatian spots were in fashion last year. However, leopard print is the classic flavor of this season and rules the current fashion scenario.

Animal print trend has been heating up the Autumn/Winter 2013-2014 shows. This season one can see many designers and brands like Roberto Cavalli, Diane Von Furstenberg, DKNY, coming up with their own fashionable versions to showcase their animal print collection. Burberry displayed amazing giraffe and leopard print collections whereas giraffe print ankle boots by Boden were loved by all at the Autumn/Winter 13 show.

The amazing feature about animal print is that it has been reinvented time and again, and comes up with a new trend every season. Animal prints can be worn anytime, irrespective of the season, weather or style. Moreover, many people think that animal prints can be worn by women alone, but the fashion world has offered animal print garments for men as well.

Animal print always garners attention therefore, it is important to pair it up perfectly to look right. The golden rule to remember while wearing animal print is never dress head to toe with this print. Here, the fashion trend is “less is more” so as to keep the look sophisticated and stylish.

This winter make style statement by wearing an animal print coat or tiger print sweater or zebra print beanie to keep one’s head warm. Further, go for this urban cool look wearing animal print cardigan paired with denim and yellow or orange shirt beneath.

Dark color like navy blue, purple and black crocodile print tops and bottom look fabulous. Try out a peplum leopard print dress with black pumps and gold accessories. The best match for a leopard print shoes is a black dress, skirt or pant. Moreover, white and neutral shades can also be paired with leopard print shoes. And those who need much attention can pair up with bright colors like red, orange, yellow etc.

Currently, digitally printed animal pattern fabrics are on high demand in the international fashion markets. They are available in chiffons, satins, art silk, velvet, georgette, lycra, cotton, silk jacquard and many other innovative fabrics. Sometimes, 2-3 types of fibres are blended to make animal print fabrics such as Cheetah print stretch fabric is available in combination of cotton, polyester and spandex. This will give the needed stretch and comfort feature to the fabric.

Zebra and leopard prints are popular patterns used in home dcor fabrics. Also, leopard print scarf is a pattern loved by many. Further, there is a range of animal print items available in footwear section. A wild leopard print sneakers are comfortable to wear and give a cool look. They are available in beige and brown colors to make one roar while walking.

Animal print sunglasses and belts are found in various patterns which are in great demand. Nowadays, animal print patterns are widely seen in home dcor furnishings. These prints on fabrics look great for pillows, slipcovers, bed skirts and upholstery.

Some animal print fabrics are finely woven fabrics while others are medium weight cotton materials best for draperies, valances, curtains, duvet covers, etc. While making ones interior trendy, it is important to choose the right print, color and quantity of the print. Avoid using too many of these prints while doing the interiors.

If used in the right manner, animal print lampshades, rugs, wall art, cushions and other home decor furnishings will give an exotic and classy look to one’s space. Today’s animal prints do not closely resemble the older ones. At present, designer’s experiment and play with different patterns of these exotic animals and come up with new design and colors.

They have introduced new colors such as blue, green or pink which is not the natural color of the animal skin. Thus, the designers have tried to modernize the prints with their creative abilities. While animal prints are spotted in every corner of the fashion world, the jewelry industry is also smitten by it.

Renowned brands are showcasing their jewelry items and accessories with animal prints. Variety of fashion accessories like animal print strap watch, blue leopard print earrings, leopard print bracelet, cheetah print necklace, animal print brooch, bangles, hair pins, hair bands, stud earrings and many more are available all over the world. Similarly exotic collections of animal print lingerie are available in stores that will blow off one’s mind.

Animal print clothing, accessories, jewelry or even home decor products are considered as ageless investment and a prized possession of one’s wardrobe. This trendy print can be regularly seen worn by celebrities, Hollywood stars and on ramps.

Most importantly, people love animal prints which is gratifying to the eyes and brings out the wild side of a human nature. Moreover, one can find so many different patterns of animal prints in the market that everyone gets a pick of their choice.

The Spring Summer 2015 trends

The recently concluded Milan Fashion Week and London Fashion Week have sprung an array of fresh and new trends to be adorned in the Spring/Summer of twenty fifteen. The fashion forecasting for each season brings in information used by merchandisers, retailers, buyers, and designers to get a heads up with what will be trending and what will not and to gear up for the upcoming season. An overview of the patterns, shades or colors, fabrics, and graphics and inspirations that will be popular for the Spring Summer of 2015 are as follows.

The four key looks to be coming up and will be calling out the fashion cards are Thrift shop, Artisanal, New age Pop, and Streamline. A closer encounter with these looks will provide an insight into what to expect from Spring Summer fashion in 2015. The thrift shop look is the biggest highlight for the spring 2015. It is essentially a blend of vintage subdued color palettes and kitschy burst of colors in the form of conversational prints. The fabrics used to present the color riot of this look are crisp poplin, French terry, charmeuse, and suede. Animal prints and cat and bird prints will be seen on coats, full dresses, skirts, and tops.

The Artisanal theme is all about pretty looking colors and a play of geometric prints to create a high and impactful visual appeal. Embellishments, applique, crafts, and floral prints in 3D are essentials of this look to get peppy for the spring of summer 2015. Folk and artisanal prints, repeated geometrics, embroidery, and flora and fauna prints can seens on boxy shirts, mini-skirts, tunics, and shift dresses. The accessories for spring summer 2015 will find fringes and tassels as decorative materials. Fabrics used for this folk look are eyelet, suede, leather, jacquard, and laces.

Another key trend which revives itself year after year to find a place in the fashion sphere is the pop art. But for the spring summer trends of 2015, the pop art is more surreal with unlikely designs and unusual juxtaposition. The colors are bright and perky with funky prints in a combination of shiny yellow, green, gold, and tangerine. The fabrics of choice to bring in such bold colors and eye popping designs are nylons, double knit jerseys, satin, jacquards, and single jerseys. Clothing items endorsing the Avant pop look for the summer would be crop tops, boxy jackets, and criss-cross tops.

Streamline is a subtle take to the Spring Summer fashion in 2015. The look resembles the art of minimalism and consists of patterns that are sophisticated, modern, and simple. The attitude is sporty and more relaxed. Soft muted tones, muted stripes and animal prints in light shades will be the kind of designs used for the streamlined look. Nylon, mesh, cotton, organza and sheer fabrics will be used to get the streamlined look.

The colors for menswear for spring summer 2015 are masculine hues of brown, blue, and vineyard along with some saturated pastels and bright colors. The shades of chocolate and hazelnut were seen a; across collections of designer brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Canali, and Prada. Outerwear knits, and even tailored men’s clothing witnessed earthy browns and under toned reds. The beautiful sage green along with uniform inspired styles and utilitarian silhouettes was seen dominating the major

fashion weeks showcasing the spring summer collections for Menswear. Moss green and shades of olive green gave a washed out look to welcome the summers with relaxed fits and techie edge to the garments.

The classic shades of blue like indigo, navy blue, inky hues with a tint of purple will dominate the formal clothing for Men. Monochrome suits in a hue of indigo will be the most sought after trend even in 2015. While steel blue and greyish blue will be seen in more casual clothing for Men in fabrics like cotton poplin, silk and nylon. Wine and hues of claret are colors that will be seen in men’s coats and jackets for the spring summer 2015. The spring summer of 2015 is also the year of prints in men’s fashion. Polka dots, plaids, tartans, and florals are a few prints that will hit the stores. Some items like chino shorts and sweatshirts will be garments in demand.

There are some unique trends to the Women swear for spring summer 2015. The cubist theme strongly backed by collections presented in Fashion Weeks by labels like Fendi, Helmut Lang, and Yizal Azrouel will be a new trend to watch out for. The look encompasses the monochromatic theme with geometric prints and patch work patterns. See through fabrics like organza in asymmetric silhouettes and with laser cut patterns are the highlights of this look. Another popular theme shaping the spring summer 2015 fashion in womenswear is the sporty chic category. Athletic references were seen in collections of Donna Karen, Tommy Hilfiger, Sacai, and Gucci. Key items that will be emerging as a result of the sportswear influence are bomber jackets, varsity numbered tops, zippers, track pants, and shorts.

The spring summer 2015 has a lot of interesting trends to indulge in and to look forward to in both menswear and womenswear.

Accessories every girl needs to have in her wardrobe

Every girl should possess some accessories in her wardrobe that are essential for the fall season. With the cooling temperatures, it is imperative that her choice of clothes also shifts accordingly. As it is not possible to go shopping every change of season; it is always good to keep certain clothes handy to tackle the colder months.

Here are the 7 essential accessories that every girl must have in her wardrobe:

Boots: Be it a pair of high boots or cowboy ones, these look stylish and trendy with different types of dresses. You can wear skin tight jeans along with these, while leggings will also work perfectly fine. Apart from that, you can also pair your denim skirts with these boots. These boots will actually save your feet from rain and early snow in the winter season.

Black dress: If you have heard that a black dress is essential for every woman, you have heard it right. A sleek and elegant black dress can be worn to any formal occasion like a business party or a meeting. You can pair this dress with any type of sweater you like. The color of your top can be either dark or light, depending on your choice. It can also be worn to a dinner or a party with friends. This dress will make you look just right, neither too formal nor too casual.

A black blazer: You can either choose a formal blazer or a casual one, depending on your choice. However, to be on the safer side, it is better to have a blazer that is a blend of both. As black is a universal color, it is the safest one to opt for. You can wear this blazer on a lunch outing with friends or to a business presentation. Choosing the right shirt or dress to be worn with the blazer is essential for a stylish look. For business meetings, it is best to wear a buttoned shirt under the blazer. However, when you are going out with friends, you can easily slip in a casual top beneath the blazer with a pair of jeans or a skirt.

Purses and handbags: Carrying an oversized bag to a business dinner is a definite no, and a clutch would work better for such an occasion. Hence, it is imperative for women to have different types of handbags with them. Purses, clutches, oversized handbags, beach bags and stylish wallets should be a part of your closet. An oversized bag is good for the fall season as you would need to stuff the layers of clothing that you wear in case you suddenly start feeling warm.

Scarves and headgear: Well, the best thing about winter is the opportunity to wear different types of scarves and headgear. Woollen caps can be paired with jeans and tee-shirt for a casual and trendy look. Also, you can combine different printed scarves with your blazer or jacket in order to get a cool and chic appearance. You can find different types of printed scarves on Tiger People, which will look good with any winter outfit. You can also try different styles of tying the scarf, which can help create a variation in your look.

Jackets: Half sleeves or full sleeves, jackets come in different forms, fabrics, and styles. The most popular ones would be leather jackets that give you a smart look and provide warmth too. Apart from this, you should also have a puffed jacket in your closet that will be useful when it starts snowing.

Warmers: This is one of the main things that everybody would need in the winter months. Wooly leggings prove to be beneficial for sub-zero temperatures, especially for women who venture out in the cold on a daily basis. These help in keeping your legs warm and cozy, even when the mercury dips really low.

Winter months can become particularly pleasurable with the right clothing. Wearing different layers of clothing is best during these months. This will not only provide the warmth that you are looking for, but will also make you look stylish and chic.

Fashion Trends for Men

Men’s fashion in the 2000s is now as indefinable as women’s fashion has been for the past few years. Gone are the days when men couldn’t look fashionable with those uninteresting shirts and mundane trousers. Looking good is not only a woman’s privilege. Each year, trends for men’s fashion are predicted, but hardly have they followed any fashion trends. Hence, they escape stylish clothing.

Even if they go for shopping their last option would be on safe shirt and predictable trousers. For younger males, hip hop culture has highlighted many trends for men’s fashion, while older males are increasingly aware of tailoring, and making a garment fit right for their body shape, rather than going with the fashion trend.

Trends for men have always been a tricky issue. You need to make a statement, and yet not overdo it. For the men who want to get started with this voguish experiment, this year is not a year to go too bold with colors, whereas shades of blue and black are set to rule. Denims continue to rule 2014 and printed shirts and jackets will also be a hit. You can set your mood to make yourself look different from the crowd with slim, narrow trend with slush of colors.

An exclusive printed jacket with layering and a good amount of texturing on the fabric with fine yet visible detailing will look great. Printed jackets can be highlighted with Kalamkari work. The trend of printed jackets and slim pants is the future of fashion and the new age man replaces cargos with slimmer pants and includes more linen jackets in their wardrobe. You can even pair up your jackets with slim fitting blue denims which are completely classic, timeless and are one of the most resourceful pieces you’ll ever own.

It is easy to dress oneself with the slimmer cut ensuring sharper lines and a better shape. Indigo jeans works with almost any look you can think of and will never be out of fashion, so it’s worth investing good money in self finished fabrics, which is of a higher quality and is almost guaranteed to last longer. Basic knitwear will be an essential component of your layering this season, and you’ll be wearing it a lot.

These staple colors allow you to play around with bolder shades within the rest of your ensemble and the mid-weight ensures that they sit on the casual side of the spectrum, which is much more suitable when you’re just starting out. When it comes to suits, double breasted blazers are in fashion, so for people who like slim fits, new styles have come up to give a try. Wider legged pants are replacing the slim cut trousers which were a trend last year.

For those who like sweatshirts can try out ones with interesting prints or patterns, which are big and has graphic designs. Short sleeved shirts are also back in fashion. Also you can let go the traditional outfit and opt for well-fitted kurtas, bandgalas in simple designs. Sports coats, camouflage prints and army themes are very much in vogue at international fashion shows nowadays. Also, golf pants and shorts are hitting the trend. Few years back golfing attire was very simple and elegant, and aimed at comfort but trends change with time. Golfing attires have become funkier and can team up with cloth-button shirts. They look casual and less sporty.

Some people go wacky with their golf pants in different chic colors. Fortunately, for these promising fashionistos, these shirts are a worthwhile addition to any modern wardrobe and you will definitely get a lot of use out of them as it is perfectly divides between formal and casual wear.

Apparels are always mixed and matched with the accessories which can amaze you. Shoes do a lot of talking. Funny, but they do. Desert boot goes with everything, men can choose from jeans to shorts to suits. It can make you look smart without being formal. These boots are extremely comfy and a pair in light sand will complement every piece in your wardrobe. Moreover, you can even go for brown leather if you are looking for something that is seasonally suitable and a bit more hard wearing.

Wearing the right belt is an art indeed. Yes, they’re definitely used to hold your pants up, but they do serve another purpose by adding a whole other dimension to your look. A classic black, brown or beige belt is an absolute wardrobe staple. Wearing cufflinks will make a usual formal shirt look stylish and sophisticated. It will make you stand out at social and formal functions.

Match the cuff links with the style and color of your shirt. Do you really know how to tie a tie? A stunning tie makes your suit more beautiful, classier especially if you know how to associate colors. You can match it with the facing of the suit – satin with satin, silk with silk – but it can also be an opportunity to do something different. A different texture or feel can look great but we wouldn’t recommend different colors or prints.

We can sum-up by saying that men need not shy away from wearing something that is very different from others. It should no longer be a cause of concern. Today, the more adventurous men are, more people will like to follow their style of dressing and get rid of their own wardrobe staples to make space for stylish wears.