Sunglass Fashions For The Winter

Fashion Trends and Winter Sunglasses

Sunglasses used to be outsized, heavy and just plain ugly, during the eighties time frame. Even Madonna donned a pair in her hit movie “Desperately Seeking Susan”. Plastic sunglasses were the norm for the “in-group”. European fashion trends in eye-fashion have changed things, big is back in style. Just look at some of the models in beachwear. Their sunglasses nearly cover their face. Early frames made of thin wire and were from Raybans, such as those worn by Tom Cruise and Goose in “Top Gun” were in, and they came back once more around 2000. While aviator styles are still hot, the larger Italian look has been revived to favor the type seen in the old movies, with appeal that is as sexy as Sophia Loren and the very chic Audrey Hepburn in her “Breakfast in Tiffanys” movie wearing her big framed glasses.

Especially in winter, we need to protect our eyes from the suns harmful UV rays reflected from the white snow. This gives the prospective purchaser the perfect excuse to buy a new pair of sunglasses from from the wide array of winter collections. The wide arms are better for protecting the delicate skin at the sides of your eyes too, than than those very thin wire frames. I spent 12 winters living in Indiana with snow generally from Thanksgiving until March. I remember searching all over West Lafayette looking for sunglasses. The search was fruitless, no one had sunglasses that time of the year. That has all changed now. You will be able to find a great pair of stylish sunglasses that will protect your eyes while looking good.

Unlike the summer line of sunglasses, winter sunglasses tend to have much lighter lens allowing you to see clearly on those dull, drab days and still reduce glare, all the while protecting eyes. The Dolce & Gabbana’s new range of winter style sunglasses feature soft lenses that are coated with a light mirror finish, making them perfect for winter conditions. A sunglass buyer from New Zealand, says frame styles for the new season will follow the current trend of large round and square shapes in black plastic. “Large and black will continue to be popular. Currently Europe seems to be trending towards bright colors such as lime and white.” It remains to be seen whether that style will make the jump to the United States. Look for the collections of leading designers such as Versace and Police. The Oakley sunglasses are also extremely popular and recently received a massive boost in popularity when the trapped Chilean miners emerged wearing the Oakley sunglasses. Oakley has been widely recognized in the past and is even more so now.