Polarized Designer Sunglasses

Have you ever wondered why designer sunglasses cost so much? Or do you perhaps you assume that they do because of the brand. When it comes however, to eyewear, especially sunglasses, the brand may not be the only thing you are paying for. You pay for the craftsmanship, the style and design, the quality and most importantly the technology. Polarized designer sunglasses are usually made from materials or derived from research that is recent and up to date. The sun can be great for you in some ways but it can also be extremely harmful in others. Polarized means that the sunglasses are designed to significantly reduce glare from surfaces such as large bodies of water, snow and glass. Wearing these kinds of sunglasses are extremely beneficial for those who play sports and drive since it reduces the risk of accidents.

There many interesting properties of light, most especially when it reflects from other surfaces. Polarized designer sunglasses utilizes one of these properties: polarization. Usually, a source of light will produce waves that go in different directions, however, when the light I bounces off a surface such as glass or water, the waves of light are polarized, this means that they then orient along a horizontal axis.

Using a vertical polarizing lens will reduce the intensity and brightness of the light waves but at the same time will allow optical information through to your eyes.

Since polarized lenses of sunglasses are oriented vertically, they are best for use in conditions where reflective glare may be high. This saves the eye from strain and other potential damage. Unfortunately, polarized sunglasses may not be as useful when the position of the sun is directly overhead due to angle changes.

Polarized sunglasses are great for eye health especially if you are into sports that involve large bodies of water or snow or if your profession or hobbies require you to be on the road constantly.